About FTS Lifecare

We are trusted by more than 800 clients

FTS Lifecare, a corporate group company based in Dubai, UAE, offers start-to-finish (turnkey) engineering solutions to the healthcare sector in the MENA region with a particular focus on clean environments including operating theatres, intensive care units and recovery care units.
We measure our performance not just by the number of projects we’ve commissioned but by the number of lives we impact through our work. Our inspired engineering, ingenious technology and problem-solving approach make us a formidable partner for any company looking to build cutting edge healthcare capability. Our designers and engineers are focused on driving innovation for our customers. We manufacture equipment at our state of the art factories and can provide bespoke solutions for controlled environments with a high degree of flexibility and cost efficiency.
Over the last 21 years, we've built up a stellar reputation for delivering specialized start to finish (turnkey) solutions for Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Healthcare companies all over the globe. With over 2000 projects in 53 countries, we are a powerhouse of life engineering.