Liquid Oral Plants

Oral Liquid Plants are designed for the manufacturing process of orally administered pharmaceutical products like syrups and other water-based medicines. FTS Lifecare offers complete solutions for liquid oral plants in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Our systems are designed to ensure quality and consistency irrespective of the composition of the formula.

What Makes Our Liquid Oral Plants?

Our oral liquid manufacturing plants is made up of various components, each designed for a specific task, and they can be customized based on your requirements. In most cases, they comprises of a sugar syrup vessel, an online sugar syrup pre-filter, a manufacturing vessel, a storage vessel, and a vacuum system for the transfer of sugar and sugar syrup. They would also have product piping, control panels, and transfer pumps. Our units are so easy to control, that they can easily be managed by one person. This also brings down the cost of operation.
You will also get coils for heating and cooling purposes
Our liquid oral plants also come with an option for a boiler with steam heating and electric heating to maintain the desired temperature. It comes with an advanced PLC control and HMI touch screen that makes managing the process a whole lot easier. The inline filters aid in accurate filtration. On the other hand, you have homogenizers for suspension with recirculation. The liquid oral plants also come with a transfer pump that helps in the transfer of the products to the filling line. Thanks to the accurate load cells, you get accurate weights in the final product.
Our systems are designed to deliver efficiency and cost savings for your operations. Contact us today to know about our liquid oral plants.