The most important component of the hospital is the ability of its staff to respond to the patient more quickly, efficiently & effectively. FTS Lifecare offers advanced nurse call systems that can be easily installed into almost any facility and designed to work 24/7, hospitals now can ensure patient care guaranteed immediate attention. We offer solutions for Nurse Calling Systems in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. So, if you want to make your communications systems efficient and responsive to your patient’s needs, then you need to invest in an advanced nurse calling system.

The Main Elements of a Nurse Calling System

An efficient Nurse Calling System is made up of a number of different components which need to work together to offer different communication channels to the patient which they can use to alert or communicate with you. Depending on your needs, our team at FTS Lifecare would help you set up the perfect one for your medical treatment facility.
Let us take a look at some of the main components for a typical Nurse Calling System.
Patient Station
The patient station can be regarded as one of the most important components of the nurse calling system as it gives you the capability of communicating directly with the patient.
FTS Lifecare patient stations are built with advanced components to make it easy for the patient to communicate and have a clear and reliable line of communication. This would save you unnecessary trips to the patient rooms and enhance your response time. They are usually installed beside the patient station or at any other place that you find suitable.
Dome Light / Corridor Light
The dome light is usually located outside of the patient areas so to provide a visible indication of the calls originating from the patient’s side
The dome lights / corridor lights give you the correct indication to the specific area where the call is coming from so to expedite the response. The lights use multi-colored LED lights that effectively communicate a number of important pieces of information like the nature of the need, the specific area where the calls are coming from etc. They also come with different flashing patterns that communicate further information.
Pillow Speaker
The pillow speaker is also an important component of the nurse calling system. These are usually installed by the patient bedside.
Our pillow speakers would allow your patients to communicate with your support team but also allow them to control their entertainment and control of their environment. For example, they will be able to control the TV, put on the blinds and the likes.
Apart from these components, we also help you to install the following components as well:
• Nurse console
• Code station
• Call chord
• Bathroom station

Getting the Right Services

When you are looking to get efficient solutions for the nurse calling system from FTS Lifecare, all you need to do is contact our team. You can give us a call, send us an email, or fill in the contact form on our website. Our team of experts will get back in touch with you and carefully assess the requirements of your organization and then help you make the right decision. We would also offer quality support and maintenance solutions to meet your needs in the long run.
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