Pure Steam Generators

FTS Lifecare is the leading manufacturer of pure steam generators in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar. Our pure steam and clean steam generators are capable of producing biopharmaceutical-grade pure steam used in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotechnology industries. With our pure steam generator, you get superior separation, maximum reliability, and an advanced control system that makes operation and maintenance easier.
They come with a three-stage separation system that includes vertical disengagement, stainless steel baffles, and a demister. This ensures superior separation and dryness of the steam. Our steam generators conform to the BPE and cGMP standards. They also come with features like sloped piping, double tube sheet evaporators, low drain points, sanitary connections, and much more. You also get the advantage of precision control of the pure steam pressure and the feedwater level. This enables providing rapid response to changes in the pure steam header without compromising on the stable operation.

How Do the Machines Work?

Our pure steam generators utilize a falling-film type evaporator which makes them capable to producepyrogen-free pure steam. The feedwater is continuously pumped to the top of the evaporator heat exchanger. This is heated by plant steam. When it reaches the bottom of the column, the evaporated part of the feed water continues vertically up the riser space of the column and then goes around the guides. These guides generate a centrifugal action with the steam which removes any remaining microscopic droplets containing impurities and/or pyrogenic material. The separated droplets are then easily removed as blowdown.

Why Get Our Pure Steam Generator?

Our innovative column design helps lower energy and utility consumption.
Some of our advantages include:
High-Quality Pure Steam
Enhanced Quality
Easy Validation
Easy Maintenance